Harpenden Rugby Club

As you are no doubt aware, travelling to places for exercise is now permitted and whilst team sports haven’t been included as safe yet, individual or household training is now permitted provided it is undertaken safely. We are still waiting on information as to when the leagues and match activity will be given the green light - this includes both adult and junior rugby.

With this in mind, please be patient, as whenever we receive guidance or information, it will be relayed to the club membership. Like every sports club in the country, we are incredibly keen to resume the activities that provide us with so much enjoyment. However, public safety and the health of our members must continue to be front and centre in all of our thoughts, and as such we will understandably abide by Government & RFU advice.

We’d like to remind you that until we resume recognised training, please play your part in looking after your club, the facilities and the grounds. Anyone using the facilities for training purposes should be doing so in accordance with the guidelines set out. Please also treat the facility with the respect it deserves and clear away any rubbish, store training equipment correctly and use the correct footwear at all times on the pitches.

Permitted activities include

Not permitted


Thanks for your patience and please continue to stay alert.